your name, Lord, is love

“Window to the light. Soul”
Motif diameter 40 cm, sheet 50×70 cm

The work at first glance looks quite simple, but in reality I conceived it as a modern rethinking of the icon, and each element carries a symbolic meaning.
In Christianity, strawberries symbolize righteousness and spiritual merit, and its three-leafed structure symbolizes the Holy Trinity.
Lily of the valley is mentioned many times in the Bible, but translations vary. According to some, the tears of Eve, expelled from Eden, turned into flowers. According to others, these are the tears of Mary shed during the crucifixion of Jesus. So the meaning of humility, virtue and motherly love was fixed behind the white flowers.
As a symbol of immortality and resurrection, the bee is associated with Jesus Christ.
Sweet peas are a symbol of grace and unity.
The round shape is consonant with the halo.

“Art is the light of the first day of creation.”
Evgeny Avdeenko